The Wrangler Drop

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Experience the bold and iconic style of the West with The Wrangler Drop necklaces. Featuring a striking big necklace drop adorned with beautiful turquoise, these pieces brings a touch of rustic elegance to any outfit. Expertly crafted and designed to make a statement, it's the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Each rock on option #4 is uniquely different.

Option #1 with  mix Browns and turquoise with the faux Navajo pearls is 19 inches w/extender.

Option #2 Chain Bar necklace to match #1 is 19 1/2 inches w/extender.

Option #3 Faux Navajo Pearls and Turquoise beads is 20 inches w/extender.

Option #4 Chain Necklace with Turquoise rock is 17 1/2 inches w/extender.

Option #5 Metallic silver necklace with a bit of turquoise is 18 1/2 inches w/extender.